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  1. modern monetary theories

    One of the modern monetary theories states that exchange rate
    volatility is triggered by a one-time domestic money supply increase, because
    this is assumed to raise expectations of higher future monetary growth.
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    The purchasing power parity theory is extended to include the capital
    markets. If, in both countries whose currencies are exchanged, the demand

    for money is determined by the level of domestic income and domestic ...
  2. Stop Thinning Hair Naturally And See Results In Days

    Location the design template over your eyebrow and use the pencil to greatly lay out the shape. You can gently apply spirit gum to stick the plastic to your skin if you have problem holding the design template in location. Cut and tweeze or wax any brow hair that falls outside the design template area. Utilize the comb to smooth the hairs out and brush away any cut eyebrow ends when you are done. Utilize the pencil to fill out any thin areas, if you want. If the initial pencil marks are too dark, ...
  3. Can psychiatric medicines cause high blood pressure?

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    I am currently on medication for depression and blood pressure and have been prescribed Nexito Forte, Skizoril 12.5 mg for depression and Nexovas 10 mg and Nebimac 5 mg for BP by my psychiatrist. Now, I have been referred to a cardiologist by my psychiatrist for further investigations for high blood pressure. Could the high blood pressure be a side effect of my psychiatric medicines? Or is it something else?

    I didn't find the right solution from ...
  4. Is Zoloft used to reduce high blood pressure?

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    I told that he had high blood pressure. His blood pressure was 160/90 mmHg. He has never had high blood pressure before this but has had general anxiety daily for a long time. He did not want to take blood pressure medicine because he was afraid of it, so the doctor prescribed Zoloft instead. I have heard a lot of scary things about antidepressants and feel like he should have gone with the blood pressure medicine, and I do not think that Zoloft was a good idea.
  5. You can often have a negative impact

    You can often have a negative impact on your diet plateau reducing to eat. Small, frequent meals more fun and better than the same amount of calories consumed in three large meals Weight loss results. Protein bars, soy nuts, and fresh fruits and vegetables, such as sliced ​​use of healthy snacks. Fasting eat more of the right kinds of food than to break a Healthy weight loss plateau is very reasonable plan of action.

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